Why Industrial Facilities Need Fireproof Coatings?

Fireproofing is an essential factor for any industrial or commercial building. Modern industrial buildings have advanced fire detection technology and suppression systems. But, still, non-residential fire breaks out quite often.

That’s why you need two-way fire protection for your building. Active fire protection like fire extinguishers and sprinklers for controlling fire once has broken out and passive fire protection for quelling a fire before it ignites.

Fireproof coatings can save lives and valuable industrial properties from burning. In this article, we will focus on the fireproof coatings that help protect your industrial properties.

Industrial Facilities Need Fireproof Coatings

What Are Fireproof Coatings?

The fireproof coating is a layer of protection additionally added on non-commercial buildings to protect them from fire incidents. It makes buildings fire resistant.

If properly applied, these coatings can reduce non-resident fire break incidents considerably. Even if a fire breaks out in these coating applied buildings, it’ll be easier to extinguish before significant damage occurs. The coating also helps to buy precious time for occupants to evacuate.

Fireproof coatings are made of non-combustible chemicals. They are designed to stop a fire or slow down the spread. It also reduces the intensity of the fire and smoke.

Types of Fireproofing

There are mainly three types of fireproofing methods. Let’s have a quick look at their features-

Cementitious Fireproofing

These are cement-based, plaster-like coatings. When dried up, they look like white stucco. It is applied by spraying on the surface. It is usually used on structural steel members for fire protection but can also be applied to other structures.

Why Industrial Facilities Need Fireproof Coatings

Intumescent Fireproofing

Basically used in refineries and petrochemical plants to protect structural steel from extreme heat and fire. Intumescents slow the heating of steel and prolong the possible response time by increasing in volume and decreasing in density before any major collapse occurs.

Firestop Fireproofing

Firestops fireproofing prevents unchecked vertical and horizontal fire by creating a route to bypass fire and smoke. It puts a physical barrier to stop the spread of flames, toxic smoke and deadly gases.

What are the Top Industries That Need Fireproofing?


Construction businesses are very susceptible to fire hazards. The workers and supervisors must adopt fireproof coatings and other fireproofing methods. These methods are not just to protect them on their job but also to protect newly-built facilities.

Oil and Gas

Fuel refineries deal with combustible chemicals naturally and need to endure extreme temperatures. A simple error can be extremely deadly in these factories. For these types of facilities, intumescent coatings are crucial. They significantly reduce the risk of fire and explosion in these facilities.


Manufacturing is a vast area. From food to automotive, it could be any field. Wherever the field, manufacturing involves a lot of machinery. These types of machinery can overheat or break down, and as a result, fire can break out anytime. That’s why all of these plants must be protected from fire.

Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are very crowded places. A lot of folks go there. The clothes, groceries, shoes, jewelers, electronics and almost any other things are very explosive. So, making the shopping mall protected from fire hazards is a top priority.

Industries That Need Fireproofing

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