What Does Interior House Painting Cost in Ontario?

2023 Guide to Interior House Painting Costs

With the new year coming along, there’s this pressure of updating the things around your Ontario home, may it be a new roof, a new floor, or a new interior paint to update the overall feel and aesthetic of your space. We all know that a painting job surely does the trick if you feel like updating your space on a limited cost.

For sure it costs less than a whole renovation project or re-doing your floors! Doing interior painting by yourself is definitely a daunting task to take on, this involves a lot of travelling back and forth to the hardware or paint shop, a lot of painting swatches and trial and error to get the perfect interior paint for your Ontario home. Getting a certified Professional Ontario Painting Company will for sure take the burden of your shoulders. We’ve included in this guide how to estimate the painting cost per square foot in the Ontario area. 

How Much Does Interior Painting Actually Cost?

Consider a 1000 sqft. home in Ontario the standard price for a residential interior painting is between $3 and $6 per square foot. Depending on the size of the house, the materials used, and the type of work, we can safely assume that painting the entire house with different paints will cost you around $4,000. This is a nice round number that we can use to learn more about how much painters in Ontario charge for painting a house.

This number actually varies from every Ontario painting contractor and also accounting the inflation of the raw materials to be used on your interior painting project. It is important to conduct your own research to find the right contractor to match your budget and can work your ideas into reality.

Ontario is a bustling urban area with hundreds of businesses available to meet your needs. Comparing painting companies in Ontario helps you learn what makes some of them stand out from the competition and you can surely benefit of the knowledge of those who have been in the Ontario painting industry for a while!

When it comes to interior painting on your Ontario home. There are factors to consider before starting to contact a painting company. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself;

– What is the square footage of your home? Go grab your measuring tape and measure the interior of your house!

– What areas of your home do you want to paint? Define the spaces you want to keep and want to update.

– How much are you willing to shed on this interior painting project? Define your budget.

– How long are you willing to take on this project? Define the timeframe.

– What colors do you want in your home? Be sure of the aesthetic you want to achieve.

An interior painting company should be able to provide timely, professional treatments that can significantly improve the appearance of your space. North Pro Barn Painting is Ontario painting company built around paying attention to even the tiniest details, attentively hearing each request, and organizing projects using industry tried-and-true techniques.

Work with an experienced Interior Painting Contractor in Ontario, North Pro Barn Painting has over 45years of industry experience with residentials and commercial interior painting.