The Weather Shield Exterior Latex Barn Paint Review

The weather shield latex barn paint is a great barn painting tool for exterior surfaces, is economically of great value to barns, sheds, granaries, corrals, fences, or paddocks. The sheen of the barn paint offers a non-reflective appearance, which helps it to hide imperfections. It comes in two major sizes of 3.78L and 18.9L in two pre-mixed colors of barn red and white. Also, its sheen is less than 5 when viewed from above at a 60° angle. Its lustrous, durable finish is great for frequently cleaned areas. It is easy to apply as it is lead and mercury-free and can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.

Here is the product link for WEATHER SHIELD Exterior Latex Barn Paint – White, 18.2 L.

The Weather Shield Exterior Latex Barn Paint Review

More About Weather Shield Exterior Latex Paint

Weather Shield Exterior Latex Paint is designed with advanced all-weather protection that ensures the painted surface isn’t affected by harsh weather conditions. It does a great job of confidently covering and sealing in old stains on your barn with a formula that covers old stains and keeps residues in. This paint enhances your home’s beauty and value that will stay for a long time.

Not only does the Weather Shield Exterior Latex paint hide existing stains, ground-in dirt and residue, which gives less time for prepping. Its advanced all-weather protects the painted surface from extreme weather conditions such as maintaining your barn’s exterior.

You can get your color to go a long way with the outstanding one-coat coverage in select colors. This helps your color go a long way by providing great wall-to-wall coverage. It also provides outstanding adhesion to rough and porous surfaces such as masonry, stucco, and brick.

Its resilient, 100% acrylic formula ensures paintings are well protected from cracking, peeling, and blistering. Not only does it provide sunlight and moisture protection it also provides a coating that is mildew and algae-resistant preventing their growth on the paint finish.

Early moisture resistance ensures the freshly painted surface is freshly guarded against runs, blisters, or watermarks once rain showers start.

Where to Use

The paint should only be used on exterior surfaces of wood, hardboard, brick, cement panels, and metal. It covers about 250-400 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on the texture’s surface and porosity.


To apply the paint, stir thoroughly and intermix containers for uniformity. When the temperature drops too much, substrates can get colder. Before you start painting, ensure the air, surface, and material temperature are above the dew point. Do not use it if rain or snow is expected within the next few hours. Use a nylon/polyester or airless spray brush to apply.