What to Consider When You Hire Industrial Coating Suppliers

An industrial coating is a coating or paint to provide protection or polish up specific properties on a substrate. The coating is used for its protective properties rather than its aesthetic properties. It is also used to enhance durability, productivity, flame resistance and many other purposes. 

The most common substrates are concrete, steel, aluminum, and wood, paperboard, and  plastic for industrial coatings. Most coatings are applied like paint, with a sealant or top layer, a primer coat and a main coat. Depending on the nature and environment, types of coatings and application processes vary.

Industrial coatings process include:

  • Electrophoretic deposition
  • Dip coating or immersion coating
  • Electrostatic spraying
  • Fluidized bed coating
  • Trickle impregnation
  • Spin or centrifugal coating
  • Wet spraying or atomization coating
  • Vacuum-pressure impregnation (VPI)

The common industrial coating types are-

  • Paints
  • Lacquers
  • Thermoplastic coatings
  • Powder coatings
  • Sealers
  • Primers
  • Thermoset coatings
  • Stains
  • Varnishes

Consideration for Industrial Coating Suppliers 

Industrial coating suppliers need to provide innovative solutions and timely service. If they don’t, your productivity and overall industry can be hampered. To make sure your industrial coating manufacturers are trusted partners, you need to evaluate their performances on a regular basis. 

To save your lead time and product performance, you should avoid unreliable industrial coating suppliers. A top-level coatings supplier must-

Know Your Technical Needs

Professional industrial coating suppliers know what their clients need and want. They will provide you adequate samples and guidelines before you make a deal with them. Depending on your industry nature, they would develop unique types and colors of coatings.

Provide Laboratory resources

Laboratory resources are important to develop and implement tests, conduct experiment and audit, and for simulation. Without these, you can’t ensure an effective and safe coating service.

Simplify Business

Your coatings supplier must make things easy for you. They should provide quality materials, process orders precisely, ship on time, and provide necessary paperwork for regulatory requirements.

Consider Environment Factors

The coating supplier must be well aware of local, state and federal regulation. They must ensure that your purchases are safe and legal for your location. The supplier should reformulate coating in the event of changes to ensure compliance. They should carefully check safety data information and paperwork to avoid any casualties. 

Flexible and Unique

The coating manufacturer and supplier should understand the nature of business of their clients. Every industry is different and the types and requirements vary all the time. Without offering suggestions and adjudgements, they can’t meet your business challenges. 

Question to Ask Before Hiring Your Industrial Coating Suppliers

Before hiring your coating supplier, don’t forget to consider these following question-

Are they able to match target formulations?

When you need to change the coating’s texture, color, finish, durability to meet market’s demands. Your supplier must be enthusiastic about helping you. 

Can they deliver on time and the required amount?

On time delivery is very crucial for industrial companies. Your suppliers must deliver on time to maintain your lead generation. Some suppliers may force you to find storage space. In that case, you may have to pay for the inventory that you don’t really need. You should avoid these types of suppliers.

Do they follow up with you?

Industrial companies don’t change paint suppliers often. They want to make a long term relationship with their suppliers to build up trust and a signature mark of their companies. So when you hire a supplier, you must check if they are up front with you or not. Do they listen to your requirements or not. Without cross examining these sorts of matters, you shouldn’t hire your suppliers.

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