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North Pro Barn Painting has been the most trusted barn painting service in Stratford, Ontario for the last 47 years.

For five decades, our family-owned business has been serving Ontario’s farmers.

Over the years, we have hired and retained some of the top-tier barn painters in Ontario. Each of our employees has years of barn painting experience. 

We use the latest technology, gears, and equipment to paint barns. In terms of painting, we use industrial polyurethane paint that lasts for years and keeps your barn looking clean and spotless. 

Barn Painting in Stratford, Ontario

North Pro Barn Painting Services in Stratford Ontario

We have served countless farmers by painting their barns.
Here’s the list of barn painting services we offer in Stratford, Ontario:

Barn Painting In Stratford, Ontario

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Earlier this year, we received this project from a farmer based in Stratford, Ontario. 

As you can see, the barn had no painting and looked rusty. The client wanted his barn to look fresh and have the traditional red barn color. 

We used red and white to give the first barn a simple yet sophisticated look. 

We used a dark green color on the second barn to keep it simple. The barn’s roof had solar panels installed. So, we couldn’t do much with painting the roof with an off-white color. 

It took us around two weeks to complete this barn painting in Stratford, Ontario.

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