Industrial Painting

Industrial Painters Ontario

When it comes to your industrial or commercial interiors, you need professional results.

Whether it’s a full remodel or a new accent wall, your property deserves high-quality painting and an impeccable finish. 

Our professional painters at North Pro Barn Painting provides a seamless, efficient, and meticulous interior painting job that will make a difference to your property’s overall look and impact.

Our Painting Services

Over the years, our skilled painters have helped with wide variety of interior painting services. Whether you need floor to ceiling painting or would you like to upgrade a small part of your building, you can rely on us for quality workmanship, affordable rates, and outstanding customer service. Our interior painting service includes but is not limited to:



Safety and cleanliness should be top concerns for the success of any factory or workshop but are usually ignored. Commercial and industrial appliances and equipment are vulnerable to environmental ravages and external forces. For example, rust is a killer for metal tools. Buildings can become weak by other environmental factors such as water-logging and salinity. Industrial painting and coating protect your equipment and workplace by safeguarding them from such external forces.

Only professionalism can provide you with the desired result. For industrial or commercial painting/coating, selecting good artistry is more important than choosing suitable materials.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a renovation of an existing property or a brand-new job; it’s essential to have the necessary expertise to get 100 percent results. Experienced and seasoned painting professionals at North Pro Barn provide a seamlessly meticulous and efficient painting job even in a complex environment that will meet all your expectations and give your property a new and comprehensive look to make a difference.

Painting the interiors of a warehouse or factory is an expensive job. But we offer reasonable rates to our customers for their ease and satisfaction.

Old and New Industrial Building Painting

Do you have an old, worn industrial building that you want to start working on but want to clean up first? Or do you own a building that has been closed for a long time and smells of decay?
Whether your building is old or new, we have years of experience renovating and painting industrial buildings. We know how to clean everything from old, oily, dusty ceilings to walls and floors and what kind of painting and coating materials to use to make them stand up to the external elements. Whether it’s polyurethane or epoxy floor paint coating, we offer you our services at the most reasonable price and the best painting job that will make you our loyal client.

Epoxy Floor Coating Paint and Floor Line Painting for Industrial Buildings

Professional construction worker applying floor paint or a new layer for a epoxy cast coating floor

Floors are also the basic unit for building as they are directly affected by all types of machinery and traffic.

A good epoxy floor coating paint applied by an expert craftsman not only protects the inner layer of concrete from weather destruction but is also very resistant to erosion caused by traffic and machinery.

At North Pro Barn, you will get a wide range of top-notch industrial epoxy floor paint coating such as Epoxy Concrete Flooring Systems, Cementitious Urethane Mortar Flooring, MMA Acrylic Flooring, Thin film Urethane Floor Coatings, Polyaspartic Floor Finishes, Epoxy self-leveling flooring, etc.

We always use a step-by-step approach to floor coating, and the first step is always pre-coating preparations. Pre-coating includes mechanical shot blasting, diamond grinding, scarifying, etc., to provide a practical and particular base for the epoxy floor coating paint.

We do not promise that we are the cheapest in the painting and coating market, but our prices are very reasonable. And top of all, we can claim that we will provide you with unmatched services that will add distinct value to your building and make it stand out.

Industrial Heavy Machinery and Equipment Paint Coating

Engineer assembling industrial gearbox in engineering factory

It is observed that color is the more discussed element when choosing paint for heavy industrial machinery and other equipment, while some factors are more important. Industrial heavy-duty equipment must be protected from many potentially hazardous environments, so it is crucial to carefully choose paint so the apparatus can be protected from rust, corrosion, and scratches.

We are well aware that time is the most incredible wealth. We know that you cannot keep your machinery down for long periods, so we can provide painting services at any flexible time when the machinery is not in use.
We at North Pro Barn assure you that we use the best polyurea paint coatings to ensure that your equipment will withstand all conditions.