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Serving Perth County Farmers for 45 Years

We are Ontario’s number one barn painting and repair service. For over 45 years, we have painted and repaired barns throughout Perth County.

We provide a wide range of services, including barn painting and repair, residential and industrial painting, and more.

barn painting and repair service

We offer the following services in Perth County:

Barn Painting in Perth County

If you are looking for a barn painter or repair company in Perth County, look no further than Perth County’s Barn Painter and Repair Company. 

We use industrial polyurethane paint, which is extremely durable and will last for many years. Our toolbox is full of advanced tools that get the job done quickly.

This Barn Painting project was completed a few months ago. We chose black to give it a modern appearance. We first discussed it with our client. The result was a one-of-a-kind and extremely attractive barn.

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barn painting and repair service