How To Keep Exterior Paint From Fading

Exterior paint has to endure all sorts of harsh weather conditions. No wonder it’s going to fade over time. No matter how well you paint your commercial barn exterior, it’s going to lose its luster.

Is there any way to prevent it? Well, you may not altogether avoid it, but there are certain things you can do to keep exterior paint from fading.

How To Keep Exterior Paint From Fading

What Causes Exterior Paint to Fade?

Like any substance, the exterior paint has a natural fading process. Paint wears off over time. The main culprit of fading paint is UV (ultraviolet) rays. These harmful rays pretty much destroy whatever they touch. UV breaks down the molecular bonds of the paint. You can say that it sucks the color out of any paint.

Paint fades from furniture, walls, painted objects, and much more gradually. Pigments are responsible for holding the color altogether. When these pigments come in contact with light (electric or natural) heat, ozone, or oxygen, it starts to break down.

It’s a prolonged process. So, we usually don’t observe it. It’s like building up rust on the iron. 

The colour choice of exterior paint also plays a crucial role in fading. Some colours like reds, yellows, and dark blues or greens absorb more light than lighter colours.

So, if you choose these colours for your exterior, it is going to fade more quickly. 

How to Keep Exterior Paint From Fading

Fading is a natural process. So, you can’t resist it. But, you can surely slow down the process to a great extent. Here is a list of things you can do to keep your exterior paint from fading.

Paint Quality

Quality matters! If you use high-quality paint, it’s going to last longer. High-quality paint can repel UV rays better than ordinary paint.

You must also be selective about choosing the paint. Sometimes people only get too focused on purchasing top-quality paint. If the paint is not intended for exterior painting, then quality will not save your paint from fading.

How To Keep Exterior Paint From Fading guide and tips

Colour Choice

What type of colour you are using for your exterior paint is also crucial. Colour pigments absorb light and start to break down. Lighter colour tends to absorb sunlight to lesser degree and, as a result, lasts longer than the darker colour.

So, when you select the colour, you have to compromise a bit with your colour choice. It may not be a wise decision to stick to your favourite colour on this very occasion.

Choose Fade-Resistant Paint 

It’s evident that you have to choose fade-resistant paint to avoid fading. Now, what makes a paint fade-resistant? 

The best fade-resistant paints have high-quality pigments and a sufficient quantity of binder. The binder helps to bind the pigment particles to the other ingredients. As a result, durable paint is formed.  

The binder also ensures good adhesion between the wall surface and the paint film. 

Final Thoughts 

Exterior paint doesn’t only protect your house. It also makes your home visually stunning. Painting the exterior may not be permanent, but no one wants to repaint their house frequently. Money and time are also an issue here.

Painting the exterior is also a tricky job. If you use less expensive paint, you may be able to save some money. But, it’ll cost you more in the long run. Choosing the right colour is also crucial. It’s a job that professionals should handle.

North Pro Barn Painting team knows what you need for exterior painting. If you notice fading exterior paint, dry rot, peeling paint, small cracks, or want a new painting service for your barn or barn roof, give us a call.