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5 Decades of Barn Painting and Repair
in Hamilton

North Pro Barn Painting has been serving the farmers of Hamilton, Ontario for close to five decades. 

We are a one-stop solution for all of your barn problems. Be it painting your rusty old barn or repairing any damages, we do it all! 

Our service reaches all major areas in Ontario.

Hamilton Ontario barn

Our services include:

Our Recent Barn Painting and Repair Project in Hamilton, Ontario

We received this project at the start of this year. Before we painted the barn, it had a worn-out grey color and looked rusty and old. 

Although red or blue are more the classic color for barns, wanted the barn to have subtle and neutral colors. At North Pro Barn Painting, we deliver what the client requires. 

We painted the whole barn in cream color and left the roof with dark brown shades. We used advanced equipment and it took us only two weeks to complete the whole project. 

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