6 Factors Affecting the Cost of Your Commercial Painting Projects

We always want our commercial property to look great to impress our customers. A fresh outlook is for attracting customers and creating a pleasant atmosphere in the commercial place. We take barn painting service from contractors to make it look most pleasant. It brings in more productivity from our staff too.

You need a high-quality finish that lasts and can stay within budget. So, when it’s time to paint your commercial exterior or interior, you must hire a professional commercial painting company. 

Understanding commercial painting projects cost is very challenging because requirements can vary from one property or project to another. Some key factors play a very crucial role in determining the cost of a commercial painting projects.  You should know these factors before hiring a professional painting company.

Quality and Type of Paint

Price can vary drastically on the quality and type of paint. The price difference can give you a big surprise if you don’t have any idea about paint. Before buying paint, you need to understand the type of paint you need for the painting project.

A high-quality paint will cost more, but it will also protect your property better from corrosion, weathering, impacts, or abrasion. The overall maintenance cost will be reduced too.

Though paint contributes very little to the overall price of your painting project, it is the most prevailing aspect of your project. So, you don’t want to compromise here.


If your design becomes complex, your cost will also be complex. You should have a clear idea about what you will do and what purpose your design serves. You may not want to make the design complicated if it’s not necessary.

That’s being said, you shouldn’t dismiss the idea of a complex design. The final look could be really great, and you may not have to redesign the whole place shortly.

design affecting the painting commercial project cost


The Condition of the Building

Physical elements of a building can cause significant fluctuation in the budget of a commercial painting projects. Different types of buildings pose different kinds of challenges due to their structure and size. Specific techniques and tools may be needed to paint those buildings.

If the building is in poor condition, major prep or repair work will be required. It may increase the entire cost significantly. Nail holes and minor cracks are covered in standard prep work, but large holes, cracks, or warped drywall will cost more.

If the building has textured walls, it will require more paint to cover and cost more than usual.


Before calculating the cost of a commercial paint project, you need to include the charges of materials and tools to complete the job. The conductor should give you a detailed list of all supplies. The list may vary, but it is supposed to look like this-

  • Brushes
  • Paint Trays
  • Rollers
  • Drop Cloths
  • Pan Liners
  • Painters Tape

You should also include the additional costs of a power-washer rental, fuel, and insurance necessary for preparing the building surfaces for paint application.

materials of the commercial painting project

Number of coats

Commercial painting cost depends on how many coats will need to be applied. For a dramatic colour change, you will need more coats. You will need more paint and more labour to paint the extra paint. So, the cost can increase significantly.

Labour Costs

Labour costs are a factor that simply can’t be ignored. If you need to paint a bigger building, you will need more working hours to complete the job. The tool use and nature of the work will also influence labour cost. For example, a sprayer versus a roller can determine the speed of the job.

From prep work to clean up, labour costs are generally charged on an hourly basis. The complexity of the building can increase the prep work. So, it may increase the labour costs.

Final Thoughts

Delivering the best quality may be the main motto of a business. Still, we can’t ignore the enormous importance of outlook in business. Painting can significantly change the outlook of your commercial place.

Unlike home, you may have to paint your commercial place more often to maintain the class and glamour. So, calculating everything about painting your commercial area should be your top priority.

If you are looking for a commercial painting service in Ontario, please contact us. Let us have a chance to help you out with your next exciting project!