The Complete Review of Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Barn Light

“Barn light” is a vast category. So, when you are buying, it’s crucial to know what kind of space you will eliminate. If it’s the outdoor space, you should consider purchasing Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Barn Light.

Let’s see what makes Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Barn Light so special-

The Complete Review of Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Barn Light


As the barn is usually located in a remote place, it’s not possible to stay in touch all the time. But, you may have to light your barnyard for some reasons. It would be a hassle for you to go to the barn to turn the outdoor light at night. Dusk to Dawn has a photocell that automatically turns on when it’s dark.

Excellent Brightness and Incredible Lifespan

The outdoor light has to be bright. It illuminates 5000K bright white light with 3700 Lumens. It’s so bright that you can do outdoor work very easily. It has 50,000 hours lifespan and a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The LED array produces a daylight white. So you can get accurate colour & luminosity on CCTV and home security video systems. The intensity will not fade away with time.

Certified and Easy to Install

It is cETLus certified, DLC listed for energy rebates, and IP65 Rated for wet conditions. You don’t need an expert to install it. The process is very easy. The instruction manual is very easy to follow.

Well Constructed

Dusk to Dawn is very light but also well constructed. The light sensor is also built-in at the front. So, its operation is not affected by snow on top. The lighter weight is easy to maintain on the light pole.

Cost-Effective and Energy Efficient

There may be many outdoor barn lights in the market, but very few are so effective but cheap. This outdoor light is surprisingly affordable. This LED is excellent for its price.

Don’t the small size of Dusk to Dawn fool you. The light covers a larger area for its small size. It’s a perfect light to light up the outdoor barn area. No one can complain about the area this light covers.

You don’t have to install an extra light to brighten your driveway. If you install it in the right position, it should easily cover your whole barnyard.

The only downside of this light is that it attracts a lot of bugs. But, this is a problem for most of the outdoor lights. There is no simple way to avoid it.

The light may also be too bright if you have a smaller yard. So, if you have a very small yard, you should look for other less bright outdoor lights.

Finding a suitable outdoor barn is not easy. A lot of outdoor lights are too directional. They don’t illuminate surroundings very well, but Dusk to Dawn LED Outdoor Barn Light is an exception.