Tips For Choosing the Best Commercial Paint Colours

The colour of a particular property can significantly impact the way it is perceived. Use drab or nondescript colours and the building is most likely to be overlooked or out right ignored. On the other hand, garishly bright colours do well to attract attention. As such, the choice of a commercial paint colour is undeniably important. Also, it’s a good practice to communicate your commercial painting service needs with the service provider thoroughly if possible.

The paint colour of the exterior of a property bears the burden of first contact with clients which can be a difficult burden to bear while the interior paint colour is what employees have to work in for long periods at a time. Therefore, choosing the best commercial paint colours is a delicate task that must not be handled lightly. This article will provide you with helpful tips on how to choose the best commercial paint colours.

Stick with Your Brand

If your business already has a defined logo with a unique colour combination as well as other branded materials like T-shirts or baseball caps for creating awareness, it is advisable that you stick to that colour when choosing a commercial paint colour. Harmonizing the commercial paint colour with the other branding materials will communicate unity of direction. It also makes it easier for clients or customers to associate your products with your brand. As a matter of fact, studies show that colours can improve brand recognition by an impressive 80%. Sticking to your own unique brand colours helps you avoid confusion that may be deadly to your bottom line.

Consider Building Materials and Architectural Design

It is important to put the architectural design and building materials of a property into consideration when choosing commercial paint colours. The selected paint colour needs to complement the building materials and architectural design of the property. That said, bold colours like red, orange, and yellow are more suitable for modern buildings while older buildings do well with neutral and rich brown colours. Therefore painting an old property with yellow is like wearing a sixteenth century ball gown to prom today – it is simply ridiculous!

Tips For Choosing the Best Commercial Paint Colours

Leverage the Psychology of colour Association

People instinctively associate certain feelings and emotions with certain colours. In other words, specific colours can draw out specific feelings or emotions. Therefore, consider the emotions you would like to elicit in people who come in contact with the property and determine the best colour for such emotions. For instance, green helps people to feel a sense of balance and calmness, red instills a sense of urgency while blue improves focus and productivity. Ignoring the psychology of colour is a grave mistake that you must avoid at all costs.

Conform to colour Theory

To avoid making mistakes that will make your property look like the canvas of a preschool kid, it is important that you take the colour wheel into consideration when choosing commercial paint colours. The colour wheel acts as a guide to help you pair up colours nicely. The best way to pair up colours without making people cringe every time they see it is to use complementary colours. Complementary colours are situated opposite each other on the traditional colour wheel. Complementary colours should be synthesized in such a way that the first colour appears as the main colour for the painting while its complements are used only as highlights. Some of the most common complementary colours include yellow and purple, green and red, orange and blue.

Tips For Choosing the Best Commercial Paint Colours for business

Consider the Location

Another important thing to consider when choosing commercial paint colours is the location of the property. Some commercial zones have local regulations when it comes to the exterior paint colour of buildings in the area. It is advisable for you to consult the appropriate local authorities before you choose a commercial paint colour for your property so that you do not contravene any rule. However, if your building is located in an area where the exterior colours of buildings are not regulated, then you may want to select a colour that will make your property stand out. Alternatively, you may still choose to conform with the colour schemes of the buildings surrounding yours if you do not fear getting lost in the multitude.


The colour of a building can have unintended effects on the productivity of employees and the perceptions of clients or customers, therefore choosing the right colours can be beneficial to your business in a lot of ways. We hope this article has furnished you with some salient points that will help you in choosing the best commercial paint colours for your property.

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