How to choose the best wall paint colors for your office?

Choosing the right wall paint colors for the office is very challenging. Personal choice doesn’t matter here. You have to select a well-accepted color that goes with the corporate world.

Colors must induce the ambiance needed for a productive office. So, before selecting colors, you need to consider the tone and taste of your industry. What works for others may not work for your office. 

In this article, we’ll go over how you can choose the best wall paint colors for your office, the color that is aesthetic and productive at the same time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Paint Colors

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Paint Colors for office

There are so many subtle factors to consider before selecting the right paint. But, these are the most common factors you mustn’t forget to look at-

Consider the Purpose

To select a colour, first, make sure that you have a purpose. What does the colour reflect?

Does it create your company’s brand awareness? Does it help to enhance productivity? Does it help to attract more investors and clients?

These are some questions you need to check before making the final call. 

Check the Amount of Natural Light

Light determines what color paint will suit your office wall. You may want to use lighter tones if the office rooms get little natural light. On the other hand, if the rooms get plenty of light, you should consider using darker tones. 

How to choose the best wall paint color for your office

Consider Color Impact

Colors have a psychological impact on visitors and workers. Everything looks different in different colors. Some colors help people to concentrate more. Some colors make us energetic. Some colors can even trick you. 

Consider the Size of Space

If your space is small, you should consider using lighter tones. If you’ve got a vast area, you should make it more intimate. And to do that, you can use darker colors. 

Consider the Temperature of the Space

If the office space is too cold, you should use a lighter color to make it less gloomy. You can use orange, red, or yellow to make it warmer. If you want to cool down your space, consider using orange, red, and yellow.

Colors Depend on Industry

The right colors differ from one industry to another. It’s the trickiest part when we select colors for our office. If you copy another office in this particular case, it can be a big mistake. Here are some suggestions for different colors for different industry-

Colors Suitable for Financial Professionals

When you work as a financial professional, you have to be accurate, accountable, and responsible. As money is involved heavily in this particular case, you need to convey a sense of trust to your clients. Here are some colours you can pick-

  • Blue- Blue gives a sense of security and reliability. It helps the employee to be calmer and gentler, which is necessary for these types of services.
  • Green- Green is associated with good fortunes. As the clients deal with a lot of money, they would love to have a bit of good luck here.
  • Black- Black exudes confidence. People love to be confident when dealing with money. So, black can be a perfect color.

Colors Suitable for Law Offices

Lawyers have to work longer periods. They have to handle lots of pressure and anxiety in the workplace. So, these colors are right for them-

  • Brown-Brown is associated with reliability. It makes people welcome. As lawyers need to earn their client’s trust, brown can be very appropriate for them.
  • Green- Green is a great stress reliever. It is one of the most pleasing colors to human eyes. As lawyers and their clients deal with a lot of stress, green can be a very suitable color for their office. 
  • Blue- Blue is a fascinating color. Almost everything looks good in Blue. As lawyers have to work longer periods, blue can be a very suitable color for them.

Colors Suitable for Healthcare Industry

People want to feel clean and safe when they go to a hospital or any healthcare facility. The colors that help to reflect that-

  • Light Pink- It is a color that is warm and feminine at the same time. As nursing is associated with femininity, this color is very suitable for any healthcare office.
  • Off-White- Like pink, the off-white color is also soft and feminine. It also makes the surroundings look cleaner. So, this is the right color for the healthcare office.
  • Light-Blue- Light-blue color helps us to be calm and relaxed. It’s the color we always see in the sky. And looking at the sky always cheers us up. 
  • Green- Green is associated with healing and youth. So, it should be a common choice for hospitals or other healthcare institutions.

Colors Suitable for Manufacturer Industry

The Manufacturing industry needs teamwork, safety, productivity, and efficiency. The following colors can serve that-

  • Blue- This color helps us to boost our morale and confidence. To increase productivity, blue should be your top color.
  • Red- Red reflects energy. It is used to influence people to generate more strength. It also can cause a sense of tension. So, you have to be very technical about using it.
  • Green- Green brings refreshment and joy. As manufacturer industry work can be very monotonous, it can be a suitable color for their wall paint.

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