How to Build and Install a Double Barn Door

Double Barn doors are a great way to add both style and function to your space. It helps to create a new vibe around us. Renovating and redesigning barn doors is a kind of hobby to many of us. 

In this article, we are going to show you how to build and install these modern barn doors.

How to Build and Install a Double Barn Door

Required Tools and Materials

  • Finish Nailer
  • Tape measure
  • Clamps
  • Miter saw
  • Pencil
  • Wood glue
  • 2 Barn door hardware kits
  • Stud finder 
  • Handles
  • Power drill
  • Drill bits
  • Step ladder
  • Lumber

Step-1 Check Your Space

Measure the doorway opening width and height to determine which size door is needed. For the height, the door will be placed about a half-inch above the floor, and the door should be tall enough to overhang the top of the opening. For the width, the door should have one to two inches of overhang on either side of the opening. 

The track will be placed a couple of inches above the opening. So make sure your ceiling height can accommodate the door and the track. 

Make sure there’s enough space for the tracks. Double barn door needs track space on each side of the opening. Each track generally ranges in size from 5 to 8 feet, depending on door size.

Finally, check for obstructions. Make sure there’s enough space for the door to slide along the wall. Light fixtures, switches, heating and cooling controls, and trim are common obstructions. You need about an inch of space between the wall and the door depending on your hardware kit.

How to Build and Install a Double Barn Door guide ontario

Step-2 Choose Barn Door

Now that you’ve measured your door choose a barn door large enough to cover the opening. You can buy a double door kit or build your own if you’re handy and want a more custom look.

Step-3 Build the Doors

If you’re using a kit, you likely need to assemble your doors. Here’s a tip- before assembling, look at both sides of the wood for beveled edges. When putting together the pieces, make sure you keep all like-sides of the wood together. In other words, put beveled edges together with beveled edges, non-beveled or flat edges together with other flat edges.

Step-4 Locate Studs

Next, you need to mark your stud placements. This enables you to know where to attach the track or backer board to the wall. Use a stud finder and pencil to mark wall studs about three to four inches above the door opening. Mark each stud along the length of the track. 

For double doors, you need to do this on each side of the opening. 

Step-5 Backer Board Needed?

Now you need to determine if you need a backer board. A backer board is needed if the one you need more space to accommodate trim or two if your wall studs do not align with screw hole spacing on the track. 

Measure stud placements and write down measurements as you’ll need to transfer the spacing to the backer board. Cut the backer board to the length of the track. 

Now you can paint the backer board. Choose a color that matches the wall color, trim or barn door. Paint the board and allow it to dry. 

Transfer measured stud placements to the backer board. To make this mark, two holes for each stud placement about an inch and a half apart align with studding placements—drill pilot holes for mounting the board to the wall. 

Transfer track holes to the backer board. Using a pencil, mark each hole along the track and trace it to the backer board. 

Drill holes for track anchor bolts. Using a drill bit appropriately sized for the provided anchor bolts.

Step-6 Attach Backer & Track to Wall

Now you’re ready to attach the backer board and track on the wall. Pre-drilling screws to the board make it easier and faster to fasten the board to the wall.


Placing the backer board on the wall aligns the middle of the board to where instructions call for track placement. 

Fasten the backer board to the wall. Secure one end to the marked wall stud with a wood

Screw. Keep board level and screw wood screws into drilled holes aligned to marked wall studs from step four. Fasten the other backer board for the second track. Use wood filler and paint to cover screw heads. 

Align track with backer board holes. Using included spacers lag bolts, and washers to fasten the track to the board. Start with one end using a wrench to fasten the track to the wall. Work your way down the track and keep the track level as you tighten each bolt. Attach the second track following the same process. Using provided track connector and hardware, fasten the tracks together.

Step-7 Attach Rollers to Door

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for attaching roller hardware to the door. Templates

and instructions are generally included in the hardware kit. Use a square to make sure straps are straight. 

Step-8 Attach Double Barn Door to the Track

Lift the door and rest the wheels on the track. Test it to make sure it slides properly. 

Make sure the door opens and closes smoothly, and stoppers prevent the door from going off the track.  

Installing a double barn door is not a very simple job. But if you are good at these types of things, you can find it quite fascinating. 

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